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My goal in providing this intensive training is to ensure that you will have all the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful lash artist and start to be your own boss!

I offer one-day intensive lash training where you will learn the basics of lashing as well as how to complete classics, hybrid and volume lash sets. 

This class will be in a semi-private setting.

The accelerated course will be priced at $699 + taxes.

You can reschedule the class in case there will be any emergencies and a rescheduling fee of $99 will be required. 

The student will provide 2 models for this course. 

Day 1 -  8:00 AM - 5PM MTN


  1. Anatomy of the Eye
  2. Eyelash Growth Cycle 
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Levels of Decontamination
  5. Hygiene 
  6. Sanitation 
  7. Check your Vision 
  8. Common Infectious and Contagious Eye Diseases 
  9. Allergic Reactions 
  10. Contact Lens Wearer 
  11. Adhesive Guide 
  12. Product Overview
  13. Eyelash Types and Textures
  14. Lash Curls and Dimensions 
  15. Eyelids and Eye Shapes  
  16. Eyelash Mapping  
  17. Classic Lashing Preparation
  18. Mannequin Practice - placement, direction and glue dipping tricks  
  19. Isolation Tips and Tricks 
  20. Secure Your Isolation
  21. Secure Your Lash Placement 
  22. Live Model  (11 AM)
  23. How to Clean your Tweezers
  24. What to Expect After 24 hours of Lash Extension Application?
  25. All- Time Care
  26. How to Clean Lash Extensions at Home 
  27. Tips for Successful Business 
  28. Live Model (3PM)